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十博首次提款要存款吗Long, long ago, in a dense forest there were thousands of tall and beautiful trees. They were happy, but __1__ of themselves. Among them there also a(an) __2__ tree whose branches were badly twisted. All the trees made __3__ of that ugly tree.

“How are you, hunchback?” the other __4__ always shouted and their laughter made the ugly tree __5__. The ugly tree thought, “I wish I were as __6__ as the other trees. Why did God do this to me? Neither can I provide shade to the travelers. Nor can the __7__ make their nests on me. Nobody needs me.”

十博首次提款要存款吗One day, a woodcutter came to the __8__. He took a look at the trees and said, “These trees are lovely. I must __9__ them.” As soon as he picked up his axe, the trees became __10__. “Chop, Chop, Chop.” went the woodcutter’s axe and one by one the trees started to fall.

十博首次提款要存款吗“None of us is going to __11__.” screamed one of the beautiful trees.

But when the woodcutter came near to the ugly tree. He had just raised his axe when suddenly h e noticed how __12__ the ugly tree was. “Hmm! This crooked tree seems to no __13__ to me.”, he thought. Then he moved towards another beautiful tree. The ugly tree breathed a huge sigh of __14__. He realized that by making him ugly, God had actually given him a boon. From that day on, the ugly tree never __15__. He was happy with his crooked branches. He never forgot how he had escaped from the woodcutter’s axe, only because he was crooked and ugly.

1. A. proud B. short C. tired D. full

2. A. strong B. ugly C. thin D. straight

十博首次提款要存款吗3. A. light B. fun C. sense D. use

十博首次提款要存款吗4. A. directions B. persons C. trees D. animals

5. A. surprised B. angry C. sad D. moved

6. A. short B. long C. hard D. beautiful

7. A. fish B. pets C. hens D. birds

8. A. forest B. shop C. office D. hospital

9. A. cut B. put C. bring D. take

十博首次提款要存款吗10. A. puzzled B. frightened C. amused D. satisfied

11. A. appear B. escape C. remove D. lie

12. A. soft B. flexible C. bent D. tall

13. A. doubt B. harm C. use D. way

14. A. desperation B. anger C. sorrow D. relief

15. A. complained B. grew C. spoke D. waited



十博首次提款要存款吗1.【答案】A。解析:考查形容词。A. proud骄傲的;B. short短的;C. tired疲惫的;D. full满的。根据句意理解可知此处表达的意思是它们很开心,但是也为自己感到骄傲。此处空缺部分be proud of oneself是固定搭配,表示对某人感到很骄傲,故选A。

2.【答案】B。解析:考查形容词。A. strong强壮的;B. ugly丑陋的;C. thin稀薄的,瘦的;D. straight垂直的。根据句意理解可知此处表达的意思是这些树的周围还有一颗枝干扭曲丑陋的树木。由此可判断此处空缺部分指的是丑陋的,故选B。

3.【答案】B。解析:考查名词。A. light光线;B. fun乐趣,玩笑;C. sense意识,意义;D. use用处。根据句意理解可知此处表达的意思是所有的树都在取笑那颗丑陋的树。由此可判断此处空缺指的是嘲笑、取笑,make fun of sb.是固定搭配,以为嘲笑某人,取笑某人,故选B。

十博首次提款要存款吗4.【答案】C。解析:考查名词。A. directions方向;B. person人;C. trees树木;D. animals动物。根据句意理解可知此处表达的意思是其它的树总数大声嘲笑着:驼子,你好吗?由此可判断此处空缺指的是那颗扭曲的树木,故选C。

十博首次提款要存款吗5.【答案】C。解析:考查形容词。A. surprised惊讶的;B. angry生气的;C. sad悲伤的;D. moved感动的。根据句意理解可知此处表达的意思是那颗扭曲的树木因为其它树木的嘲笑而感到很伤心,由此可判断此处空缺指的是悲伤的,故选C。

十博首次提款要存款吗6.【答案】D。解析:考查形容词。A. short短的,矮的;B. long长的;C. hard困难的;D. beautiful漂亮的,美丽的。根据句意理解可知此处表达的意思是那颗扭曲的树木常常想着,要是自己和其它的树木一样好看就好了。由此可判断此处空缺指的是好看的、美丽的,故选D。

十博首次提款要存款吗7.【答案】D。解析:考查名词。A. fish鱼;B. pets宠物;C. hens母鸡;D. birds小鸟。根据句意理解可知此处表达的意思是扭曲的小树认为自己既不能为游客带来树荫,小鸟也不能筑巢。由此可判断此处空缺指的是小鸟,故选D。

十博首次提款要存款吗8.【答案】A。解析:考查名词。A. forest森林;B. shop商店;C. office办公室;D. hospital医院。根据句意理解可知此处表达的意思是一天,一个樵夫走进了森林里面。由此可判断此处空缺指的是森林,故选A。

十博首次提款要存款吗9.【答案】A。解析:考查动词。A. cut切,割;B. put放置;C. bring带来;D. take带走。根据句意理解可知此处表达的意思是樵夫看到那些好看的树木就想把它们给砍了。由此可判断此处空缺指的是砍伐,故选A。

十博首次提款要存款吗10.【答案】B。解析:考查形容词。A. puzzled疑惑的;B. frightened害怕的;C. amused觉得好笑的;D. satisfied满足的。根据句意理解可知此处表达的意思是当樵夫拿起斧头的时候,那些树木感到非常的害怕。由此可判断此处空缺指的是害怕的,故选B。

十博首次提款要存款吗11.【答案】B。解析:考查动词。A. appear出现;B. escape逃离;C. remove去除,移开;D. lie撒谎。根据句意理解可知此处表达的意思是一颗美丽的树木尖叫道:我们谁也逃不掉(被砍的命运)。由此可判断此处空缺指的是逃离,故选B。

12.【答案】C。解析:考查形容词。A. soft柔软的;B. flexible灵活的;C. bent弯曲的;D. tall高的。根据句意理解可知此处表达的意思是正当樵夫要继续砍的时候,它看到那棵丑陋的树木是弯曲的。由此可判断此处空缺指的是弯曲的,故选C。

13.【答案】C。解析:考查名词。A. doubt怀疑;B. harm伤害;C. use用处;D. way方法。根据句意理解可知此处表达的意思是樵夫认为那棵丑陋而弯曲的树木对它没有任何用。由此可判断此处空缺指的是用处,故选C。

14.【答案】D。解析:考查名词。A. desperation绝望;B. anger愤怒;C. sorrow悲伤;D. relief轻松。根据句意可知此处表达的意思是看到樵夫略过它又走向美丽的树木,它轻松地吐了一口气。由此可判断此处空缺指的是轻松,故选D。

十博首次提款要存款吗15.【答案】A。解析:考查动词。A. complained抱怨;B. grew生长,成长;C. spoke说话;D. waited等待。根据句意理解可知此处表达的意思是自从那一天的经历以后,那颗丑陋的树木再也不抱怨自己弯曲的树枝了。由此可判断此处空缺部分指的是抱怨,故选A。


“Daily Star, sir.” called Jason, carrying some newspapers under his arm. The little boy had been running up and down the street, but there were still twenty __1__ left. His voice was almost gone and his heart was __2__. The shops would soon close, and all the people would go home. He would have to go home too, carrying the papers __3__ money. He had hoped to sell more papers tonight to make more money to buy a __4__ for his mother and some seeds for his bird. That was why he had bought the papers with all his money. He __5__ as he thought of his failure to sell all his papers.

十博首次提款要存款吗“You don’t know the __6__ of selling papers. You must shout, “Hot news! Bomb bursting!” another newsboy Chad told Jason. “__7__ it’s not in the paper at all.” replied Jason. “Just run away quickly __8__ they have time to see, and you’ll __9__ out and get your money.” Chad said.

It was a new __10__ to Jason. He thought of his bird with no __11__ and the cake he wanted to buy for his mother, but was __12__ that he would not tell a lie. Though he was __13__ a poor newsboy, he had been __14__ some good things.

The next afternoon Jason went to the office for his papers __15__. Several boys were crowding around Chad, who declared with a __16__ smile that he sold six dozen the day before. He added that Jason __17__ money because he would not tell a lie. The boy __18__ at Jason. “You wouldn’t tell a lie yesterday, my boy?” A gentleman at the office came up and patted Jason’s shoulder __19__. “You’re just the boy I am looking for.” A week later Jason started his new __20__. He lost sale of twenty papers because he would not tell a lie, but got a well-paid job because he told the truth.

1. A. shops B. coins C. people D. papers

十博首次提款要存款吗2. A. open B. heavy C. pure D. weak

3. A. instead of B. in return for C. regardless of exchange for

4. A. cup B. card C. comb D. cake

5. A. gave in B. broke down C. got away D. showed up

十博首次提款要存款吗6. A. difficulty B. process C. goal D. secret

7. A. And B. But C. For D. So

十博首次提款要存款吗8. A. before B. since C. though D. unless

十博首次提款要存款吗9. A. call B. drop C. sell D. reach

十博首次提款要存款吗10. A. edition B. idea C. policy D. task

11. A. bread B. insects C. seeds D. water

12. A. concerned B. amazed C. excited D. determined

十博首次提款要存款吗13. A. still B. already C. just D. also

14. A. taught B. handed C. awarded D. allowed

十博首次提款要存款吗15. A. at once B. by chance C. as usual D. on purpose

16. A. proud B. gentle C. warm D. polite

17. A. borrowed B. lost C. made D. saved

十博首次提款要存款吗18. A. laughed B. shouted C. nodded D. stared

十博首次提款要存款吗19. A. bravely B. gratefully C. fondly D. modestly

20. A. duty B. business C. job D. method


1.【答案】D。解析:考查名词。根据本段第一句carrying some newspapers under his arm可以得出Jason卖的是报纸,故选D。

2.【答案】B。解析:考查形容词。根据该句前半部分His voice was almost gone声音差不多消失了以及后文提及他的目的可知,他因为报纸没有买完,心情是很沉重的,故选B。

十博首次提款要存款吗3.【答案】A。解析:考查介词短语。根据前文there were still twenty papers left.得知,报纸没有卖完,也就没有换成钱,故用A。in stead of替代;in return for作为回报;regardless of不管;in exchange for交换。

十博首次提款要存款吗4.【答案】D。解析:考查名词。根据后文the cake he wanted to buy for his mother可知为其母亲买的蛋糕,故选D。

十博首次提款要存款吗5.【答案】B。解析:考查动词。当他想到没有卖掉所有的报纸,他都快崩溃了,因为他要给母亲买蛋糕还有鸟儿买粮食,故选B。give in让步;breakdown崩溃;getaway离开;show up露面。

6.【答案】D。解析:考查名词。根据本句后半部分You must shout, “Hot news! Bomb bursting!”可知,另外一个卖报的孩子告诉他卖报的秘密,故选D。process进程;goal目标。



9.【答案】C。解析:考查动词。sellout卖完;call out打电话出去;dropout退出,辍学;reach out伸出,故选C。






15.【答案】C。解析:考查副词短语。第二天Jason像往常一样去办公室拿自己的报纸,故选C。at once立刻,马上;by chance偶然;as usual像往常一样;on purpose故意地。

16.【答案】A。解析:考查形容词。根据本句后半部分he sold six dozen the day before可知Chad很自豪的,故选A。gentle绅士的;polite礼貌的。

十博首次提款要存款吗17.【答案】B。解析:考查动词。根据本句后半部分because he would not tell a lie可知,Jason赚不了钱是因为不肯撒谎,故选B。

18.【答案】A。解析:考查动词。根据上下文语境可知,这个男孩对Jason的态度是傲慢的,故嘲笑,故选A。laugh at嘲笑;stare at盯着看。

19.【答案】C。解析:考查副词。根据后文You’re just the boy I am looking for可知,这个男士很看得起Jason,故选C。gratefully感激地;fondly喜欢地;modestly谦逊地。

十博首次提款要存款吗20.【答案】C。解析:考查名词。根据后文He lost sale of twenty papers because he would not tell a lie, but got a well-paid job because he told the truth可以得出他得到了一份新的职业,故选C。








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